30ft Bulk Container

30ft bulk containers are lined using large plastic inners. These are fitted to the inside of a container, which then allows for the product to be loaded inside the plastic inners, through the loading hatch on the roof of the container. These loaded containers are then transported by road for export, to either a rail terminal or to the docks. Once the export procedure has been completed, a bulk container for import can be collected, and taken to a receiving customer within the UK.

Using specially designed tractor units and trailers, 30ft containers can be discharged into any Silo facility a customer may have.

The trailers are fitted with a single hydraulic ram at the front, to tip the container allowing the product to discharge from the rear letter box by gravity. The product passes through a rotary valve, and is then pumped using a high volume of air
through the discharge pipes and into the silo. The hydraulics and the air flow are both provided by the tractor unit.





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