20ft Bulk Container

20ft bulk containers are tipped using the same chassis. A 10 ft steel frame is fitted onto the front of the trailer, which extends a 20ft box into a 30ft box. The rear of the containers is slightly different but using the correct attachments, the product is discharged using the same method.

Once a bulk container has been discharged, the liner is cut free from the container and is re-cycled.
The container is then swept out and is either returned to the shipping line or has a new liner fitted.

The container is then reloaded and sent for export. This replaces the need for the container to be taken many miles out of its way to a tank wash.
This process reduces the overall cost to the customer.

The other benefits of Intermodal transport include the option of putting the container into storage, should there not be enough capacity in a silo, when a vehicle arrives to make a delivery. This again reduces the cost to the customer, as no demurrage for the trailer is chargeable. Only the storage for the container. 


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